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Alexis Mattox Design

Alexis Mattox Design's goal is to create beautiful, creative products with a classically modern twist. The company produces laser cut greeting cards and card sets, party and wedding decor, and home goods. They have lots of crazy ideas and plan to keep their company growing in new directions all the time. Each product is designed and made with care in the Alexis Mattox Design studio in Utah. Click here for more.


Paper House Productions

With more than 30 years of design experience, Paper House is dedicated to showcasing their unique perspective through evocative and surprising images across greeting cards, stickers, magnets, bookmarks, puzzles, journals, papers and clever gifts. Paper House combines award-winning design and exceptional quality to create products that appeal to people of all ages. Click here for more.



ZIPIT offers a variety of cases, pouches, bags, and backpacks for children and adults where zippers are the focal point. Some items such as pencil cases and pouches are created entirely from one long zipper, while other products such as backpacks and "beast boxes" use zippers to create whimsical character faces! You'll be amazed by this line's innovative designs and quality, hand-fabricated construction. Click here for more.

Laser Cut Card by Alexis Mattox

3D Stickers by Paper House